Worthy of Well Being


Worthy of Well Being is a wellness practice created by Ronda Smith Branch.

 As a Certified Well Being Life Coach, she was inspired by her training to share the information she learned with her community. Worthy of Well Being focuses on the information that Black women need to move forward in being whole within themselves.


Our goal is to use coaching, healing circles and other programming to encourage women to commit to their healing by creating solutions and learning strategies to attain and maintain their own personal well being.

Current Focus Group: Educators

Worthy of Well Being is an ever evolving entity and has decided to focus on specific groups of people according to the current social climate. To date, educators have been chosen because their well being is imperative during the pandemic and  beyond. The influence that educators have on our community is enormous in that they care for our children. Their well being is important because when they are well our children have more opportunities to succeed.


Worthy of Well Being is a space designed for black women aged 18-45 to explore and evolve from racial trauma associated with educational and workplace settings.

Confident Female Teacher
School Teacher