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be well. you're worthy.

Worthy of
Well Being
Wellness Coaching & Consulting


"be evolving, be healing, be empowered to create a life you love to live."

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Worthy of Well Being Wellness Coaching & Consulting

Well Being Life Coaching Programs and Services with Ronda Smith Branch, NBC-HWC

"As a Certified Well Being Coach my mission is to hand back the pieces of you that you did not know were missing. The Bio-Psycho-Social Approach which is incorporated into everything I do helps to empower those I work with by introducing them to alternative ways to shift their behaviors, mindset, and one's ability to navigate the world in a healed, more evolved, humans first kind of way"


Start Your Journey to Well Being..

Focus: Owning and Healing Our Trauma 

"Gain confidence in yourself by knowing what you know. No more second guessing who you are now and who you are to become."

Learn yourself with the Know Yourself Series, understand the science behind your healing, and create how the two work together to help you remain at peace in your mind and sustain your optimal state of well being. 

Testimonial Quotes

"The truth is always presented straight on and with sincerity. You actively and attentively listen."


"Thoughtful, smart, intuitive, critical thinker, servant leader, creative, humble, authentic, empathetic, knowledgeable, compassionate."


"You are caring, loving, passionate, worldly. I am honored and privileged to have you in my life. Let this lady be a part of your life. She is so amazing and sweet person."


"Authenticity and Empathy."


"Your vast knowledge base is extremely strong. And your continued strength is inspiring to others."


"You reach back and bring people forward in 'their lives'. You embody: Each one, Teach one.. You meet each person were they are in their ability to process information and are still able to move forward...and produce an excellent finished product with differently talented people. You are a great mentor that listens before you advise. Empathetic. Compassionate."


Let’s Engage

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